Serving our Military, Missionaries, Humanitarians, Agencies, Civilians, and others

Serving those who serve our country

A purpose-filled home for your canine companions while you serve overseas

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What we do at A Place for Paws


 Through donations and sponsorship, A Place for Paws is able to offer a no-cost home for canine family members of those who are travelling or deployed overseas to serve our country and their communities.  Common examples are military deployments, church missionaries, disaster and humanitarian relief, and nongovernmental organizations such as the Red Cross and the Peace Corps.  

 The campus was created to provide all the creature comforts, love, and activities to keep your dogs happy and healthy.  A Place for Paws differentiates itself through providing owners and sponsors webcam interaction, 24 hours a day, with the dogs on campus.  We partner with local youth, elderly, and veterinary programs to allow the animals to provide interactive health benefits, education, and joy to thousands of people, giving the dogs the purpose and fulfillment they desire.  


Our impact is two-fold:

                                  Promote Service while encouraging K9 Companionship

We provide opportunity for those who believe having a pet prevents them from serving, and those who believe serving prevents them from having a pet, to do both.  As the home away from home for these dogs, A Place for Paws enhances people's lives, improving morale and strengthening mental resiliency, while actively reducing the dog population within animal shelters throughout the country.  

A Marine reunited with his dog.

A Marine reunited with his dog.

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About Us

Our Founders

Katie and Chris Bourbeau

Katie & Chris Bourbeau both served in the United States Marine Corps for a combined 28 years and 6 combat tours.  They come from a lineage of service to country and love of dogs.  Making the connection between the two, seemed like the obvious choice.


Vision & Mission


To create the opportunity for those who serve our country abroad, the freedom to have a K9 companion, knowing we are there to care for their loved one while they are not.  


Board of Directors


A Place for Paws is honored to have an incredible diverse, successful, and passionate group of people dedicated to selfless service, who possess key skills to keep the direction of the nonprofit moving in the right direction.


Treat the Paws

As a 501c3, your contributions are tax deductable, including charitable contributions of time, money, supplies, land and real estate.

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